CANAMSA - SA stratch build

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Most of the tubing has a 1.6 mm wall thickness, except for the members to which suspension brackets and damper mounts are welded, and the members around the engine adaptor plate, where I used 2 mm wall thickness. Tubing is mostly 25 mm and 19 mm square and round, with a few pieces in 50 x 25 and 38 x 19 mm.


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As is obvious I havent been posting many pictures, let me try and remedy that by showing some details of things that took up so much time.

Steering column and pedal box.
One of the challenges on a scratch build mid-engine chassis is packaging the pedals, steering column and rack, front suspension and your feet that all want to be in the same space. I decided to go with top hung pedals, as I want the seats to be formed in the centro section of the chassis mono style and that necessitated a movable pedal box. Top mounting means some structure is required and although I try to keep things simple they always seem to run away with me. The steering column was made up from various Toyota Corolla and Hiace parts, and mated to the Ford Cortina steering rack. The Toyota parts give a nice sliding section for length adjustabity and deflection case of an accident. I also built in some up and down adjustment for the steersmen wheel position. Hopefully the photos will explain.