Carbon GT mono

yes, i would say, make only gulf-design and all other carbon,....but i know, this work is a pain, to get carbon looking like a mirror, black/carbon and orange stripes would be great,.....
ps: gratulation to your work, i follow you since i see the first pics, not knowing what happend,....but this car,...i like, i want, perfekt work from your company
Hello together
Yesterday we did the negativs for the seats with laminating ceramics.
We also get the steering rack , and we had a Zonda in our workshop for a little carbon repair. Also a nice car :)
I also did a paper model for the oilcooler outlet.
My father did some fuel linings in the car, and fitted the pumps.
here some pictures.


Is it a Titan made steering?

seems you are working also on an 2 seats heli ? LOL !!
No Its alu.
The Helicopter is from a friend of my father, he builds it here because he need some assistance.
Greetings from switzerland
what is that small car model in the back :--)

Thats a creation from a friend,which is working in our composit Workshop.
He also has a Full scale car shell he builds in this shape.we thought about using our chassis with his body :)
Hello again.

Yesterdey we took the first seat out of the molds, was a little bit hard but it looks good. Tonight we will laminate the second one.
We also get the fuel cells from continental delivered.
Also the brake lines are done and the clutch cylinder line.
Here some pictures of the right seat.


Hi Urs,

You sent me a PM the other day , did you get my reply ?
(Fabulous project and you seem to produce bits at an alarming rate !)


Randy V

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Urs - You have taken a project that was over the top to begin with and brought it to a whole new level! This will be very interesting!
Dear Urs

one honest open word.
Up to post #273 i loved the car. Now its all gone.
Too fast and too furious for me. sorry !


Tom was able to write the worlds I was too shy to put there !!!
Urs why doing such alteration ? just for fun ot because of wheels arches too small for biggers wheels ?
it's really a shame to add carbon fiber into carbon fiber !!!! You did an excellent work and now seems to deviate to something so ....... apologise I can not write due to your so big expertise and amount of good work !!

But as usual it's your project and your own dream so respect !!