Carrol Shelby has passed away

Robert S.

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Shocking and very sad! They just held a large event with presentations and dinner celebrating his 50th year in business. That event was two weeks ago at the Pomona Fairplex, just 20 minutes away from Yorba Linda, and now I regret not attending. I'm grateful for all his contributions to Mustangs, Racing MotorSports in general, for playing the commanding role in winning the Le Mans 24-hour four years in a row, and especially for making the GT40s the most famous American Race Cars.

May he rest in peace, and blessings to his whole family.


"Legendary race driver and Shelby Cobra sports car designer Carroll Shelby has died at age 89.
Shelby's company Carroll Shelby International says Shelby died Thursday at a Dallas hospital. He had received a heart transplant in 1990 and a kidney transplant in 1996.
The one-time chicken farmer had more than a half-dozen successful careers during his long life including car manufacturer and African safari tour operator.
Shelby first gained fame in the automotive world by winning France's grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car race with a teammate in 1959.
He then combined a Ford V-8 engine with a British sport car chassis to make the Cobra, which debuted in 1962.
Shelby also later worked on Chrysler's high-powered Viper sports car."
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Not sad! With all respect he lived a great life, better than most of us could ever have dreamed of. What a list of accomplishments. To bad for those of us looking forward to seeing him at the 50th @ Laguna Seca this August. We will plan on doing a great event in his honor. He will live on in our hearts and mines forever.....................A great journey with a final checked flag. Fairwell CS
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Jim Rosenthal

For better and for worse (like most of us, but on a far larger scale) Mr. Shelby, lived a lot, loved a lot (if the accounts are true) and accomplished a lot. Not everything he did was praiseworthy, but all of us here owe much about our shared enthusiasms to him and his gift for organization and promotion. He achieved much, and when he screwed up, he did that on a grand scale and was equally entertaining. If you turn to "L" in the Cosmic Dictionary, and look under "larger than life", you'll find his grinning photo in the margin. May his tires always hold air and his wheels stay on.

Charlie Farley


Quote " for playing the commanding role in winning the Le Mans 24-hour four years in a row,"

Err.....I don't think so.....