Great photo and I'm sure something yor son will never forget. Shame about the weather though. Its not often we see these cars in that sort of weather and on those sort of roads. I wish I was that brave!

Larry L.

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Pitstop, refuel and our overnight stop.

'Just long were you, aheeem, 'detained' at the gas station?!!!

(Usually, gas stops in my Ford GT took a minimum of 15 mins. 'Longest was about 1/2 hr as I recall...'would have been longer, but I had get going!)

I love the color combo on your '40. 'Looks darned sharp.

An aside: Let me guess. The phone(s) at your house get quite a workout handling the calls from all the young ladies? :D
Johan, great photo but what are the orange tubes? I assume they are running from the air inlets on the nose to the brakes? How bout a photo of your set-up please.
Those orange pipes are for fresh air into the cabin. I used the entry that can be used for the left hand stearing. A T- junction pipe is used to take the two pipes from the two ducts. Works well as the windows will now suck out the air and fresh air enters through the ducts.
And one more. Picture again by Elmer van Zyl on the coastal road close to Cape Town. What a privilege to work with such a professional.


This a magnificent car!!!!!! I would love to talk to you about this build more in depth sometime! This is exactly the look I love! I want a Blue and white one though, but this color combo is probably my next favorite. Fantastic specimen.
Did this chassis dolley come with the package? How hard do you think it would be to roll that up a aluma trailer ramp? Thanks.


Thanks for posting the photos. Its nice to see you're still enjoying #131. I wish I'd recalled you lived in the Cape Town area as I spent nearly all of September there. CT is a stunning city and the surrounding area is breathtaking. I did meet with Jean and the new CAV owner, Jordi but it would have been nice to meet with you and your son if time permitted.

Your photos reminded me of my time there so thanks again.

BTW, I mentioned to Jean my idea of having a hill climb at Signal Hill. I thought that would be an ideal place for an event like that. Its perfect. Do you think CT would allow it?

Next time you let me know and we can go for a ride along the peninsula. The road going up to signal hill is not as good as some other roads. Taking Franschoek Pass will be way better!!
Johan, I'll take you up on your offer as I will certainly be returning to CT. I wonder if the pass you're referring to is one I took on my way to Anton Ruperts great car museum.

There's some stunning scenery for sure.