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The CAV website, for many years, certainly seemed to indicate that Ian WAS a distributor. Valid concerns and issues raised here should not be compromised by mis-information and conjecture, IMHO.
Mark, thank you for catching this.

Please note that CAV (the factory) and CAV US (US distributor) never denied the fact that CAV Canada was an official CAV distributor. Ian was a very valuable asset to the CAV family in the past, but his relationship with the factory was ended earlier this year and thus the removal of his details from the official CAV GT distributors listing on the website.
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Update. After 3 years, I GOT MY PARTS! Ian has been silent on the issue of my parts for a long time. To be clear, he didn't assist much getting me my parts at all. We have another vendor on this site that took the bull by the horns and got it done. Fran Hall from RCR got a hold of Ian, who gave the parts to Todd, who finished welding them and got them powder coated. Fran Hall arranged this whole thing and I believe that he personally has some money into finishing my parts. He shipped them UPS at my cost but now I have them. They look great and when I get back from Barrett-Jackson next week, I'll start putting them on the car.

A special THANK YOU goes to Fran Hall for stepping up and getting this organized and completed. He is a great assett to the GT40 and replica comunity.
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Tom, congrats! That's great news.

If you want to come over and check out how it all should look (on my car) before you get started then let me know. I can probably share a helpful tip or two. I also made a special tool you'll need to properly tighten the ball joint nuts inset within the front uprights. The rear brake calipers are tricky to get right, I had to make new brackets.

Here's one initial thought: I wish I had powder coated the uprights before installing them.

Once you get it all together, take her over to Group2 Motorsports in Ballard for a proper four wheel alignment and ride height set up - those guys did an amazing job and it wasn't expensive at all. They LOVE working on cars like our GT40s.

You're going to love how she drives once you have it all together.
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Fran, If there were more Kit Car suppliers like you there would be a lot more happy kit car owners out here. Good on ya rt
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Cliff, I'll give you a call to come over when I get back from Barrett-Jackson this coming week. Thanks so much for your help. In advance. These uprights are powdercoated, I think. Maybe just painted.
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Me too. I got the uprights, but not the small parts that make the whole thing work. Understandable as it wasn't Ian that sent the uprights and I don't think that Fran had them. Ian did respond and is sending the parts so I can put this together. Hopefully this coming week!