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I have some problems with getting a title here in Norway.

Problem: my frame is a boxframe but the title identification number says "1A74MONOB66". Also it contains "mono" as in monocoque chassis.

So I wonder. Does anybody have a first generation CAV with a boxframe? Dos the Identification number contain "mono?

My frame is from 1999 i think.

Please help. (the frame is also missing the bar tag from CAV so if enybody have a spare:)


Br Atle Stokvik


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You have a second generation CAV, the earliest ones were space frame. The CAV stainless mono cars contain "MONO" in the serial number. If your number is 1A74MONOB66 1A - USA 2A is Canada for example, 74 - Production number 74th chassis built, MONO - Monocoque chassis the first CAVs where tube frames B66 - Body Style B as in Mk1b 66 as in 1966. Cars are usually issued a 17 digit vin by the registration office for road use. If you have the stainless MONO your car is MONO #74 and I suspect was built in 2003-2004.

The CAV should have the VIN stamped on the left top shock mount and VIN tags on the front of the chassis and the left rear bulkhead.


Strange you seem to have a monocoque ID from CAV, but a space frame chassis......hhhhhhmmmmm.... Pics will definitely help solve the mystery.

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That is one sturdy looking chassis and it definitely ain't a mono! Doesn't appear to be much of the CAV left in any event. Somebody may have been "creative" with chassis number for importation/registration purposes? Question is, who's is the chassis number? Why not contact CAV and have them assign a proper number and maybe even supply a plate? Or maybe even make your own number & plate. Not many DMV's seem to recognise kit car vin nos anyway.


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I agree with Keith, that is not a CAV mono and doesn't appear that the number is appropriate for the chassis pictured. The 1A suggests a CAV built for the USA and it certainly isn't a mono. Perhaps CAV #74 met an untimely end and someone did a "restoration" from some of the bits to create your chassis. From the pictures it is really hard to tell. So it may be wise to verify the legality of your car before you invest heavily in it. Perhaps CAV Europe could help with the identification.
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The Original CAV bought the right to make GTD Chassis and bodies and call them CAV.

That company went bust - and I am sure if you search the archives here you can read all about it (Probably 2003 to 2005 era)

After that the current CAV cars came into being - they are the stainless Mono ones

Now again I am scratching the grey matter here but from memory the new CAV bought the old CAV outfit from the receivers and had old chassis etc in production at the time of takeover and you may have one of these - badged by the new company but in reality a GTD type continuation

I would suggest speaking or e mailing Jean in the South African factory and he may be able to assist

Good memory I have here is a thread on the Original CAV liquidation

Thanks guys, I'am so grateful!! I have sent cav South Africa a mail and got a respond that they will search :) I have already invested all my money in this (12 years of savings in this.) and the car is finished. In Norway the tax is twice the sum as for the car so I needed it as old as possible as the tax decrease by the years. Just had to own one in my lifetime :) here is a picture of it now in my garage:


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Atle, your car is stunning and it appears to be a magnificent effort on your part with such a quality build. I hope CAV can give you some insight as to the chassis history and your registration can be easily sorted out. I have always found the factory highly responsive and very supportive.

If they don't have an answer maybe what you have is an "Atle MK1"?

FYI, Jean moved on from CAV some time ago. The current owners took over in 2013 and are now producing the third generation CAV. They are currently are on build #186 I think.
In picture 4, all the white painted parts of the chassis look as if it's part of an original KVA "A" type chassis that used the Ford Cortina front subframe bolted on to it. Where the number 12 is written are the top mounting points and the bottom large section rails had the pressed steel subframe bolted through it. The fibreglass inner footwell bulkhead also looks like the one Ken Atwell produced for the earliest chassis.
Yes, sorry for the delay. Still struggling with the authority's. But CAV did confirm the vin and components. They are very nice peoples. So the chassis is ok. But the engine is still the problem. In the original title papers there is another engine. So problem. I have to have a documented year that the frame was build.(USA title not enough) and CAV could not say when the kit was bought. So its between 1999 and 2004. And they also say that the engine has to be newer then that age (calculating co2) , but as a kitcar the rules say it can have new and old parts. So we are not come to an agreement. Think I have a book with documents soon. And nothing with traffic safety, just stupid numbers. Horrible!!!