CAV head light mounting

Carman apreda

Hi guys,
Can you help me out with pictures of your mounted head lights? I have CABIE lights and I'm having a heck of a time mounting them. Any description as well would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!
CAV # 91

Carman apreda

thanks Ian, it will seem that its going to be a bit of a job. your photos are a big help. another question, are those H4 bulbs with an adaptor ring or an older style bulb. I need to source out bulbs and the boots that go over the bulbs to protect the back side from grit and dust.


Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
those were older type bulbs and pretty useless (light a candle to see if they are on!)
I fitted higher wattage ones a few years back from Moss distributors and they are a whole lot brighter. originals like UEC at bottom of page, new ones like
The shown halogen ones but fitted with the old style mounting plate.

the light units should be inside the light housings which have a removable plate panel at the back to allow access to change the bulbs.