CAV or SPF GT40?


I have done the typical scope creep where I decided to get a retro muscle car. Favorite was GT40 but after seeing their prices decided thats more than I want to spend on the 4th car. I have a 850hp 911TT, E Class Diesel and Lexus SUV.

My thought was that I can add a toy that is more a'hem, raw... After driving Factory Five Daytona I think may decide to increase my budget. I suppose they are nice for $50k. But I really want the wife and other passengers to feel like they are in a car, not a literal race car or kit. Hopefully I won't regret not getting a Gallardo or 430! My thought is why get another modern high end car when I can mix it up and get the ultimate retro exotic!

So I've see CAV and Superformance cars at about the same price range used. What are the pros and cons of each it? Or is there a link that compares them?

Do a little searching in this forum, there are several threads covering the differences, pros and cons of each. Either is good choice, they are different answers for different questions but neither is the wrong choice for the right driver.
Years ago looked at both. I chose CAV because stainless steel mono frame and interior a little more comfortable with all the rest about equal. Realize the SPC car is trying to exactly copy original which was built to only last three years.
CAV car looks like a cross between Mark I of 60's and the 04-06 GT.
My 2 cents.
I spent a year researching the same question, bottom line is what one is best for you.
Call johann at cav america 919-924-9891 and rick at superformance 716-407-0975. Both are very informative and honest. Both can provide a complete car to your specs.
They were both very helpful in my decision
Your Porsche is stunning, I'm sure it's fantastic to drive.
As far as a GT40 replica, go see, sit in and ride the brand of replica you are interested in. Search the forum for those owners who may live near you and with contact through the forum, most are more than happy to show you their car. That activity alone will help your clarify what you're looking for. Some are more authentic, some are better rides. It really depends on what you really want and until you know that, any (or none) of them will be the right car for you. Each has it's own value proposition and figuring the one for you can be half the fun.
If you are buying new, the builder (assembler) is as critical as to your satisfaction as the brand of car so give that at least as much attention in your search.
GT40's seem to have their base price depending on manufacturer. They only go down so much unless it's a fire sale. I would look used if there is something out there that fits your tastes. Let the guys who bought new take the hit when they go to sell. My car was over $150K when it was new and a used one is in the 95K-115K range.
Pat, all good points. I did plan on buying new. ERA and CAV seem to be best buy and in same price range. Only Superformance close to $100k is an MKII. I think I prefer an MKI. How do I find owners in Dallas?
Well ERA are no longer making cars as they used up all their tubs. You need to decide if you want to "build" a car or "buy" a completed vehicle.

Assuming you want to buy a built vehicle, start looking for used Mark I's for sale. There are plenty of them out there. You could have bought a nice ERA for under $100k off this site.

SPF is the car to own if you want an original tub.

But to each their own choice, color, and look.

It is a buyer' preference if you are considering one of the top providers like RCR, SPF, and CAV.
Sorry I meant to say I am NOT buying new. I heard CAV and ERA are both better quality than SPF AS SPF is original which may be good for perception and nostalgia but CAV and ERA's are higher quality via more modern approaches to chassis and also a non rusting body on CAV?

For some reason most of the ones for sale now are black. Afraid of the maintenance. Where are the other colors!


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I thought people bought GT40s because they are nostalgic? You already have a modern sports car so why do you want a GT40? Stick with your 850 HP Porsche if you want modern.
Mike D, you're in left field. Never said I want modern. I simply mentioned a perspective THAT WAS SHARED WITH ME contrasting the different cars. But I specifically did NOT state a preference for either characterization.

In any cae, your slightly inflammatory response seems to implicates you feel anyone that selects a car other than Superformance ought not like the GT40 at all - but should stick to all modern cars. Sheesh - just looking for perspective and sharing what I was told. No need to verbally boot me from loving GT!
How do I find owners in Dallas?
Aaron, my suggestion would be to post in the introduction section (at the top) that you are looking for ERA, CAV, Superformance etc. owners in the Dallas area and you'd like to see their cars and set up contact through the private mail system (PM) on the forum.
If you're bringing the kids to Disney you're always welcome to stop by and I can show you my relic. Just shoot me an email and I'll give you my phone number. As Walter suggested you can contact the Superformance or CAV reps for owners in your area.
If you scroll down to the video and pictures buffet section it looks like the Texas Cobra Club guys meet for breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Grapevine, Texas and a couple of GT40s were there with a short clip of Gary and Sam's cars.
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Veek's suggestion to sit/drive/ride in a few before you buy is golden. Each replica will be different than another of the same make based on the owner/builders preferences. How you fit in the car will vary as well from manufacturer to manufacturer. These cars are hot, raw, cramped little race cars!! (my wife loves the car from the outside, not so much from the passenger seat for more then 30-45mins) They will never be as refined as a lambo, lexus, or p-car. If you buy one, and SWMBO's opinion of it is impt, better take her with you and let her drive/ride in it too....

As far as which is more original etc, there are copies far more original than SPF or CAV costing multiples more..... (not that those two aren't great choices) The average person looking at the car will never be able to spot the differences. It basically comes down to space-frame or mono, engine/tranny combo, fit/finish level, color, availability, and MONEY. If/when you find a car consider what you want to change and factor that in and what it will cost. (gets expensive quickly and there are only a few places to get parts in this small market) Manufacturer support varies as well.......

I strongly second Veek's opinion. Happy hunting, Scott
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Are CAVs even in the same sentence as SPF cars when discussing originality? Neither are ERAs. Gelscoe but who else? Better is subjective but not originality. I agree, go visit and look over all of them is the best way to decide if and which one is right for you.

Ron Earp

But I really want the wife and other passengers to feel like they are in a car, not a literal race car or kit.
In my opinion this statement indicates you need to seek elsewhere for your next car. GT40s were purpose built race cars and the replicas are fundamentally no different. They are small, cramped, noisy, hot, have poor visibility, and your passengers will know they are in something akin to a race car in the best case, in a "kit car" in the worst situation.

Beautiful cars though.