CAV Transaxles

This is a question for you CAV owners (especially for Gary cos he sells them). I would like to know if I can fit a porsche G50/50 or any of the G50s in a CAV. All I seem to see that CAV owners use are the Audi boxes or the wickedly expensive ZF or RBT boxes. Nothing wrong with the Audis, but their gear ratios are far from ideal, I think. Also, I was told that most makers of GT40s (RF, CAV et all) have a disclaimer that states that the warrantee they provide is null and void if you use an engine that makes more than 400 horses. Is this true or have I been misled /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif? (Sorry, two questions, not one!!)

Thanks guys.
Concerning the transaxles. The car is set up from the factory to bolt in either an Audi or ZF. That said it is possible to set the car up with a G50. It would be up to a dealer or yourself to make the mods to mounts and shift linkage that would be necessary. As you may no one of our dealers is doing a custom 427 install for example.

If you pay the dealer by the hour to make the mods and then include the cost of the G50 adapter, clutch and other stuff it would add up. If you do the mods yourself and find a low cost G50 you might save a few thousand dollars over the ZF.

I will check on the warrantee issue and get back. Also if this thread is going to stay CAV specific then it might be better moved to the CAV section.
I'm sorry, I wasn't aware there was a CAV specific section. Please move it there because my question is CAV specific.