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Hi everybody, I'm new member at Can someone help me identifying my GT40 chassis ? I have a lot more photos with details for all parts of the chassis if needed. We already know that the car was "build" or "re-build" early in 1990, apparently not in South Africa (c/f Hi Tech Automotive).
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I am sure that one of our members will know the history of your chassis and be able to provide some additional information about the origin.

I noticed the AP style rotor but what appears to be a Girling style caliper. Did the calipers require any modification to use the wider rotors or is it done with thinner pads? If you are looking for a "pre-66" classification FIA HTP are those rotors allowable? We have been told a "Pre-66" requires solid rotors.
Love the look of that chassis...the rivets look awesome, anyone know more about it? More pics would be appreciated.

When you compare the front of the tube and picture of first GT40 in Spain book, it's far from an original to me.
The rivet construction is neat but don't seem original in anyway.

This tub need expert eyes!!!

No Vin numbers on Tub or rivet on body parts?
I saw and photographed this car back in 2004, in Brussels. At the time, it was being worked on at GTM--Guy Trigaux Motorsports. He told me that it was purported to be an original GT40, but that it was most emphatically NOT original, but rather a later copy. I don't remember who he suggested had built it--Sbarro, or somebody in England? I honestly can't remember now. I don't think this car has anything to do with GT/111 referenced in the numerous above posts?

I think he said it had a 351W engine instead of a 289/302. At the time I photographed it, it had a big single muffler on it instead of the megaphones it now has. Or rather, it had two mufflers with a single heat shield joining them together.

Guy has since emigrated to the USA and opened a shop in Simpsonville, S.C., where he does a lot of work on exotic cars from that region of the country. To find out more about this GT40 you can contact him, and I'm sure he would be happy to tell you what he knows about it. His e-mail is gdt2860 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Let us know what you find out from him! :thumbsup:


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The chassis looks like one of the 10 or so built in the early 90's in Australia. A real 40 was used as the source. The tubs were riveted together. Trevor Booth who is on this forum is very familiar with these cars as he owned one. A guy in the US attempted to import them as kits but the deal fell through. He had one car in the US in Palm Springs in about 1995 which was a very real looking replica. That is my bet on the origins of the car. Contact Trevor if you are interested in a positive ID.

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Although it's been a while since he has posted - I dropped a note off to Trevor with a link here.
Some pics of what I believe was a 'Wigg' chassis, photos were on T/Me & i think may have been posted here as well.
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Have not been here for a while.

yes it is a frank wigg chassis. the car you have was built many years ago and advertised for sale as GT 111 , I have some photos that i can post when it was advertised as GT 111.

The chassis is reasonably OK, however, the rivetting was not done correctly. A lot of the rivetts need to be replaced. The chassis was also incorrect in wheelbase approx 40 mm shorter than original. It can be corrected reasonbly easy

I can email you some photos of the one I had some time ago showing replace rivetts etc.



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Jac Mac,
yes that is a wigg chassis , however I would suggest Frank did not build this one.
All of the chassis that he built were completed not half done as this is
Hi All
Old thread I know , but I am thinking I need some metal shaping stress relief and building a Wigg chassis replica with a steel spider is on the cards, this car wont be registered, just a vintage club car. Is there anyone out there that can link to me to more chassis pics and possible chassis plans or drawings? or even an unfinished or rusted out chassis? Happy to pay coin if required.
If not I will go it alone from the pictures I have.

Any information greatly appreciated.

Dave, this is not a million miles from what i was thinking of doing for my chassis.
I don't have the plans you are after though so will carry on with what i was doing and see if i can get it close.

Regards Ryan
Bringing this up again. Has anyone got any details or pictures of the Wigg chassis?i would like to build something similar one day....any pictures or measurements or if you know of a car that I could visit that would be great.

GT/111 a pre-production chassis was the early 1965 Ford GT Roadster. I believe the car was found in a lockup in Stratford when the Olympic games came to London! Ronnies book says it was cut up and scrapped after appearing in the 1965 Le Mans trials and crashing at the Targa Florio.
Regards allan