Chevron B8 For Sale

Hey Dave,
Wow that's a Chevron I never knew about. I was thinking about you this morning. My boy manages to pull my die cast Gulf 917 down from the shelf and plays with it, I've given up stopping him, I said to him want to see the movie with that car in it. Anyway we watched Lemans and I spotted a B16 once or twice, right? I'm sure if it was you'd know.
It would make a nice B12 replica. They only built one with Repco V8 3.0L. I think they ran it at Sebring and Daytona in the GT class. I know it won at Silverstone in 68. This was Chevrons response to the GT40.
David, the B12 ( ex John Woolfe Le Mans car ) is now in good hands and being restored to full race condition by a friend of mine who has just finished a GTD 40. That will make quite a pair in his garage, Frank
The Malkies have the find posted on their site. It turned up in Germany. They are doing the longer replacement rear clip to fit the Repco. The B12 had about four inches added to the back end. Longer wheel base and beefier suspension. I would have liked to do a B8 or B12 replica but I'm happy with what I have.
David, I have seen the car and am sending parts out regularly to it, it will come here and feature at the Goodwood Festival of Speed when finished,Frank
You will have to post some pictures in the future. Do it under my build site if you like. I've sourced lots of parts from the UK shipping is outrages. Right now trying to do M16 Wilwoods here. I have a lead on FF Alcons when I go to Florida next month if the Wilwood don't work out.
The car did not sell 2600.00 quid reserve not met. I found it was a bit rich even for the bodywork that was not all there.

Len Selby has a Repco-Brahbam 3.0 L 1966 F1 engine almost complete with some spares, 22,000.00 pounds. The pictures I saw of the find did not show an engine in the car. If you have the engine you can ignore this part of the post.


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Anyone know what a legit B-8 or B-16 should sell for today? There are a few out there, but the sellers are smoking some high end stuff!!
I would think a true B16 (1 of 23) not a continuation car would be close to $250,000.00 to $300,000.00 US. A B8 original (1 of 44) $120,000.00 to $140,000.00 with proper documentation. The B16's are harder to trace because many were converted to B19's etc. Some are being converted back. You can check history of past sales to see what they went for.
short note on the B12 repco v8 chevron--the chassis was lengthened by 2 inches and the correct engine series fitted is 740 not 640 also I think the "640' is incorrect [ it should read 620] indicating that it used the later Repco made block and the different cyl head configuration I know this beacuse I assembled the engine at Brabham,s workshop in Guildford

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620 used the oldsmobile F 85 block,single cam per bank , injection in the valley, low mount exhaust as typical V8

740 was the aust made block, with exhaust in the valley, still single cam per bank
resurecting an old thread, but does anyone recognise these old B8 panels I just picked up? The were local to me in Scotland, and there has been a suggestion that there was perhaps a connection with one of the 3 Scots who owned Chevron in the early '80s.

Photos:[email protected]/sets/72157629144610516/

sanding through the paint shows it was originally white, the possibly green, red then grey (maybe primer) then the current white.

Not sure what my plans are for them, but I might restore them one day to produce a buck to pull a mould from....... one day!
Those look interesting. From the drawing with the center in place. I wonder how they might graph onto a Lotus Europa S2? Shape of the door ,roof line & angle of windshield looks very close. Could be a fun project to try.
Yes, a very interesting drawing that (click on the Flickr link above to see it)

My pal has just sold a project Europa which would have been the ideal donor, but looking at the drawings and My pals S2, it's spooky how well they would go together! there would be work needed around the arches as the B8 sits lower, but easy to do.

I liked the possibility of the Lotus chassis, central tub, doors, screen etc all remaining in place - also makes registration etc easier.

Much of the trimming to fit the door of the Europa helpfully removes much of the damage on the rear of the front clip

Just as well He sold the car or I'd be very poor, and in a lot of trouble with the wife!

Having tripped over them too often already, they are now listed in the for sale section. 2 big projects in a single garage was never going to work!

Ah well.......
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