Classic Le Mans 2016


A friend and I will soon be booking our usual Gite for next year, and two double bedrooms will be available (can be configured to twin beds or a double bed).

The Gite is located approximately 40 minutes south of Le Mans, with a pleasant rural drive up to Arnage or Mulsanne - no driving through Le Mans centre, or queueing for the circuit.

The Gite itself is self-contained and set in a rural location.

Please pm me for details.


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The GT40 Enthusiasts Club have covered the LMC 2016 plans in their magazine, Fortyfication. There is also an email interest list for those club members who want to get involved. The magazine is free to all members. I'm taking my GT40 to Le Mans, and taking advantage of the club benefits. Tony.

Paul Brameld

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what about GT40 Enthusiast Club plans for LMC 2016???
Tony is quite right that all details are normally in the magazine however,we are working with the organizers, Peter Auto and hope to have more news in the not too distant future.

We published our travel provider details in our last magazine but beware some accommodation seems to be getting booked up sooner than ever before.! :idea::idea:

Bill T

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Page 6 and page 27 of Fortification 107 will give you all the information currently available on the 2016 Le Mans Classic.

As Paul says, accommodation options are already getting tight with it being the 50th Anniversary of the 1966 1, 2, 3 .


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I'm planning to attend LMC this year! First time to LM.

Do you have any recommendation which grandstand offers the best view?

Or any other useful tips?

Thanks in advance.


Ian Anderson

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I believe the Dunlop stand is the best viewing stand, you can see down the pit straight the Dunlop S and then heading towa dos Tetre Rouge

I also love sitting on the bank on the outside of Tetre Rouge
Normally a bar there too for a drink!

Comfortable footwear is a must, you will walk miles!


Ian Anderson

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Hi Marcus

I buy a package through Grand Stand Motorsports with Tunnel, hotel, entrance, paddock parking and stands.

This is normally organised at a good price through the GT40 Enthusiasts Club

The club also works at getting a half hour full track session to themselves which is worth the visit in itself!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
Hi Guys
Slight thread drift here.; I am going to the Le mans 24 hour and the classic this year, my better half and I are going to do some travelling around the south of France between the two events. We are looking to stay in Nice,Avignon,Arles,Sarlet and do day trips from these towns. For those who may have some experience in south France, is there any helpful tips or suggestions for our trip.
Looking forward to meeting up with some fellow GT40 Enthusiasts at both events

Darrell / Newcastle Australia
why are you concentrating your travel and days in beetwen the 2 races only on south ?
First of all you could spend some days around Le mans and visit La sarthe ; there are some places to go racing visits and castle visits
Then you could drive not directly to south and have a small trip onto Orleans and Tour to have a look to "les chateaux de la loire" and Leonardo di vinci castle museum and following this ouest road go to Poitier, Clermondferrand , Vichy etc

Your trip depend really on what you and your "better half" are interested ; castles , history , landscape ,science stuff , etc etc and if only on car and car history there are lot of nice museum to visit on the road from Le mans to NICE !!!!!

And am not talking too about the west coast ( being only at 3 hours drive from le mans !!) where starting on Normandy ( DDay places) you could follow to Le mont saint michel , saint malo and then le golfe du morbihan ( visiting Carnac and so interesting prehistoric orceltic places !!!)

Otherwise Good luck for your trip , enjoy and....... Welcome !!!!!
For those who may have some experience in south France, is there any helpful tips or suggestions for our trip.
Nice idea, I live in Marseille, know the area a little...:D Remember that the Mediterranean South coast in France could be crowdy in the end of june/beginnng of july.
Anyway, many many things to see/do between Nice and Avignon... Pay a visit to the "vieux nice", St Tropez (crowdy place, be aware), Ste Maxime bay, all the fantastic road along the coast between St Trop' and Toulon is something to be done. Enjoy some stops on few hidden beaches with blue crystal water, or have some typical south food in some yachting old harbours along the coast (crowdy places again !).Make some stops to taste some wine (beware of cops) the Provences Rosé is world famous.
Pay a visit to le Castellet Village between toulon and Marseille (nice medievic little village) near the ex-F1 track, and on the road from the highway to the village, you'll find one the most famous rosés in the area "domaine Ott - chateau Romassan" (expensive...). Don't miss to walk a little in the "calanques de Cassis", fantastic rocky cliffs or visit by boat starting from Cassis.
Do some shopping in Aix en Provence, see the museum of history in Marseille (really splendid if you like history), or the hidden little motorbike museum in Marseille too if you fancy more (very interesting, and you'll be alone in the whole place).
The luberon National Park, and the Ste Croix Lake, the Gorges du Verdon, are to be seen if you prefer less crowdy places with fantastic open landscapes, and many medievic castel and villages everywhere.
See the most splendid old villages of South of France : les Baux de Provence and/or Vaisons la Romaine.
End by Avignon (the Palais des Papes), and Arles (the roman Arena, the Roman museum and Van gogh museum) and so on...

Welcome in France !