Classic Le Mans

I'm going to one day of the classic Le Mans (Saturday) this year, as it coincides with other travel plans in France. My wife and I do not plan to stay at the site, but do want to stay at an inn or similar somewhere close (w/in 25 km?) the night before (Friday).

I haven't been to the event or to LeMans before, and have not yet bought tickets.
I would appreciate any suggestions about what tickets to purchase, best places to watch, where to stay, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Ian Anderson

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I would doubt that you will get any accommodation that close to Le Mans now. But you may be lucky and get a cancellation.

I would try Grand Stand Motorsports
LE MANS CLASSIC - Grandstand Motor Sports Tours

They will be able to organise entry tickets and accommodation and possibly also parking for the daily driver - but be prepared for a long walk from the carpark. Or park in the town of Le Mans and use their Tram to get close to the Tetre Rouge corner

I believe all the Grandstand tickets are sold but worth trying

Be sure to get a paddock pass included in your ticket or they will scalp you on the day for an add on bit - then you can walk around all the padocks and see the originals that will be racing.

Make sure you have comfortable shoes - you will walk miles and yes I mean Miles - I'd guestimate 15 - 20 would be easy in a day!
Comfortable clothing is a must and make sure it suits the conditions I have seen roasting (40 celsius plus) to wet (torrential downpour) to chilly (15 delsius and chilly wind)

Be sure to say hi to the GT40 Enthusiasts Club members with their paddock just below the racing cars

Thanks so much for your very helpful advice.
Indeed, the Grandstands are now sold out, but I was able to get paddock passes.
We'll be sure to stop by the GT40 Enthusiasts tent when we are there.
I'm really excited about this -- my first time to LeMans!
Thanks again.