Cleaning a transaxle

I've got a dirty G50 that needs a de-greasing and a scrub. Is there anything that I need to know before subjecting it so a cleaning - i.e. plug or cover any areas etc? Simple Green is what I plan to use, not toxic or too aggresive for cleaning but would like to here if these is any other worth using - Gunk etc?


Peter Delaney

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Chris, if the box is in the car, & the car is on the ground, you will need a back-brace, heat pad & pain killers that night, and a pretty little masseuse for the following day !!!!

PS : For the box itself, I just use a generic wax & grease remover (like PrepWash) & plenty of old rags.

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Peter D.
I do it the same way the bone yards do it after they pull one out. The Karcher 2600PSI power sprayer. First I cover and tape off areas where water can get in with duct tape. Then I spray WD40 all over and let it set for ten minutes. Come back and hit that thing with the pressure and it will look like it did when it left the factory.
Pressure washers are cheaper now than they used to be. I seen many on sale for under $150 bucks. It turns out to be one of the most used pieces of equipment that I own. After my 6000 mile trip I opened the rear bonnet and het the whole engine and trans. Gets all that road grime right off.

Hersh /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

PS.. cleans the driveway up like new too.
Peter - I like the pretty masseuse idea but will that "wash" with Hersh's power washer theory? Hmmmmmm pretty masseuses and hi-pressure water spray - now that sounds like fun!! Bring on the stiff neck, I can take it!

Thanks guys