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Ian Anderson

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I just read this elsewhere and surprised the committee had not posted it here

I am glad it was posted as a 600mile round trip from Edinburgh for the AGM was going to happen!

I guess i am now gardening on Sunday


The Committee gives a sincere apology for having to advise all members that the planned club AGM to be held this Sunday, 5 May 2019, at Stoneleigh must now be postponed to a later date, due to a significant number of the Committee not being available to attend (most unfortunately due to unforeseen issues and complications) and as such making the AGM ineffective in serving its intended purpose.

As a club we will still be present at the show ground, and will still hold a meeting at the previously notified time; however, this will be run as a general members' update and a question and answer session, rather than as a formal review of the last year.

Once we have confirmed availability from the majority of the Committee our Chairperson will be arranging an AGM by telephone conference. Whilst we recognise the drawback of a conference call not facilitating face to face interaction for the few who normally attend, it will allow for significantly more participants to join in on the annual review and, hopefully, give the Committee access to new volunteers to support the club in the year ahead.

We aim to hold the AGM conference call within the month of May so as to ensure that there is a minimum lessening of members' input into the workings of the club.

Once again, the Committee apologies for the very late notice, and thanks you for your understanding.
This announcement poses some very interesting questions. Unless EVERY single member is given the opportunity to be part of the proposed conference call and has the facilities to participate then it is not valid as an AGM. How will voting take place. How will the Club Accounts be presented and available to all participants. How will it be possible to moderate such a process with the potential for a high number of members to be part of the conference call. What about members in completely different time zones. The list of questions that this raises is endless.