cluth and bellhousing

I just buyed a engine factory 347 for my SPF GT40 chasis 2114, but I have a big problem.

The new engine has a flywheel based upon a 87-93 Mustang. 157 teeth. 10.5 inch diameter. Neutral Balance. and the bell housing is for a flywheel with 166 teeth, and the starter dónt serve for the engine factory flywheel. I need a new kit cluth for this engine, and also a starter and obviusly a bellhousing. the gearbox is a ZF RBT 5 speeds.
I am in Spain this is my e mail [email protected]
The gearbox is a ZF 5DS-25/2
The data for the clutch diameter (center) is as follow.
The input shaft is 1 1/16th Ford 10
Spline with a 17 mm pilot. (I think this the size for the clutch center

pictures with the old engine, clucth, and bellhousing in this link

and the new engine, in this one also

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