Coming soon (again) on EBay

I thought it might be apt, to give anyone interested, the opportunity of doing 'something' before I re-list (again) my GTD on EBay. I had to stop the auction last time around, as the starter motor decided to fail. That is now rebuilt and perfect. Scroll down to Simon's comments and you will find the previous listing. I love this car but I have a power boat in restoration, a hot rod I need to finish, a 440 Charger I recently have blown the engine on, two kids going thru University and my wife who collects credit cards as others might stamps!!
It is a really well built example compared to the previous GTD I owned. The Webers are a pain to keep tuned. Their presence in your rear view mirror however, must rate as one of the best motoring offers.
A radiator failure 1500 miles ago blew the head gaskets and effected the piston rings on three cylinders. So I had the engine rebuilt by a local 'pro' shop (who own an original GT40) along with a new radiator, exhaust, 'sprung/race' rear mount, battery, battery cage, rear callipers. The carbs were stripped down and refreshed along with all the normal service parts. I installed an in-line holley regulator to deliver the correct psi in lieu of the 9 inherited - plus new leads, coil, ballast and mallory electronic ignition. £4000 in total.
The front and rear suspension is chrome plated which looks pretty with adjustable shocks. The aircon is needing a charge, other than that, this car needs nothing and goes/sounds superb.
I'd like that this car go to an enthuiast who will appreciate it's quality and build on the pedigree. Otherwise, a newbee to GTD's who will benefit from my hours on this car and investment - never knowing what a challenge that can be!!