connecting rods

Jim Rosenthal

I recall a recent post, which I can't find now, which called attention to the poor quality of an Edelbrock camshaft right out of the's something similar
(my apologies if I put this up before but I don't think I did):
I purchased the entire rotating assembly for my 302 from Scat Crankshafts. The machine shop miked everything before starting the engine buildup and discovered the rods were machined wrong...reluctantly Scat agreed to take them back. We'll see what they do...based on the way they acted on the phone I am not hopeful. (rods were machined too big for the wrist pins and bellmouthed as well) I will post something when this gets resolved, for good or bad; I don't want to slam Scat but they shouldn't argue about it at least until they've seen the parts and miked them themselves.