Coolant Header Tanks

Hey Guys, my friend Bill Tuttle is making an original MKI style header tank for his car and is thinking of making extras for other builders. I don't have any pictures yet but he asked me to post to see if there might be any interest in some header tanks since it would be just as easy to make several while he is at it. Please post here if you could use one or PM me. I'm sure I will get pricing from him after he builds one for his car. His car build shows super craftmanship so I know the tanks will be of high quality.
Bill Tuttle is back at making up some original-style header tanks after some time off due to medical issues. I agreed to post some pictures of his work on these. Please PM me or reply if you are interested in a tank. That way Bill will have an idea on how many to make up in the first batch. You can see in the second pic that he notched the back of one tank to fit his car. You might let me know if you have any special requirements like this. They are set up to tee into the hose coming from the thermostat housing and also have a bleed line inlet as you can see in the pictures.