Coyote Intake / May have found my solution!

So I’m building my gt40 with a 2015 Gen 2 Coyote engine. Like all 40 engines, I have to turn it around which leaves intake challenges especially with a coyote.

Holley makes a unique intake for the coyote and an accompanying efi that could be the answer to my challenge.

My question is, does anyone know of any company that makes an efi throttle body that looks like a carb like the Holley one, but runs on a drive-by-wire system?

The Holley version needs a cable and I have then Coyote pedal which is drive by wire?

Any thoughts?

I have a feeling that if I wait a year or two, Holley may come out with one, but as of today they don’t. My only other option is an 8-Stack but those are $4000+.


After much research h and a little determination, I think I found the answer to my problem.

I want to use a OEM throttle body so I can keep my drive-by-wire pedal. I know that the OEM manifold won’t work, which is why I liked the Sniper designed for a carb style efi. Unfortunately all the carb style efi’s are cable operated.

That’s when I stumbled upon this. It’s an elbow that goes on the hi rise aluminum intake that works with an OEM throttle body.

Now I can have my Coyote engine and a manifold that doesn’t need to squeeze behind the seat panel and won’t cost me 6 grand for the 8-Stack (that I want to get someday).

I was leaning Boss 302 intake, but that won’t clear the bundle of snakes.

Anyone familiar with elbows?


Ian Anderson

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How about getting an adaptor plate made up?
With holes to mound to manifold and holes to mount the throttle body.

The throttle body will then pass air straight down.

Add a large chrome air cleaner and mostly covered so it looks old school

Ian, the word genius is many times over used, but in this case it fits. Your idea is genius!!!

Holley actually makes a bracket as you suggest but they only have them for an LS throttle body. I am thinking I can just buy that one and drill holes to match to a coyote throttle body.

Thank you for the idea, it’s the perfect solution...genius...


You’re right, I have been thinking about this for months. I was actually happy to figure out the elbow. I never wanted the air cleaner to be a pipe into some obscure place, I always wanted the “old school” look, but I thought my options for the coyote were limited.

I bet this could help others in my situation.

Thanks again!
Ordered some parts. I’m going to see if I can get the throttle body and the adapter to work before I order the manifold.

I’ll post pictures along the way.
We are using the same engine minus the intake most likely. Def will be asking you questions if you don't mind?