Craft Performance engine

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I had a recent post on here about my troubles with engine purchased from Lance at craft Performance. Took over year to build windsor 410 and ended up selling me parts I didn't ask for and blended it into the invoice with no description. Long story short engine shipped broken in and turn key ready. 4 hours of driving had knock. The issue ended up being cylinder 1 burnt up from cylinder to small or piston to big shop said . Lance allowed a local shop to inspect the engine under warranty. He ended up blaming the installer for bad timing 40 degrees and possibly bad tune if carb his words. Which engine is running holly sniper efi and was tuned properly. He left me with the shop bill and refused to warrenty the engine. Current status it's at machine shop having cylinder 1 cleaned up under my wallet. Lesson learned just wanted buyers to be aware of craft Performance.

Attached in the tune from crafts dyno break in and the piston cylinder 1


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