Crashed GT40 - Thruxton

I've just been talking to a friend who was at Thruxton on Easter Monday and he told me he saw a damaged GT40 being loaded onto a lorry after crashing. It was Gulf blue but without the orange stripe, he said.
Anyone know who's car it was?

Dave Collins

Two GT40's raced at Thruxton on Sunday. It was a bitterly cold day with sleet and rain in the morning. Wet practice but dryed for race which was won by Richard Meins in his T70. All of the attached pictures were taken during morning qualifying.

Looking at the race results neither appeared to start on Monday.

The two cars were:

1113 Alain Shlesinger - Blue
1089 Chris Ball - Red

It is interesting that there appears to be no history on 1113 in the normal reference books after 1973 so does anyone know any history?



I don't know the exact details as I only glimpsed it in Autosport but big shunt involving all 3 cars mentioned above.

In Ronnie Spains book P/1113 was a spare MKIII chassis up for sale in the USA by Freeman Racing Enterprises of Yellow Springs Ohio in 1973. With no more details. I hope that no one was hurt. I read in your links that a spectator got hit by a wheel (tyre?)off a Healey? Was this the same race and was he/she OK
Regards Allan
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