crashed gulf gt40

Yes, that is my car at Spa during a track day after spinning 2 times at speed at the top of the famous corner Raidillion (wet and someone losing oil in front of me).

I felt like in the crash of Le Mans and ended up against the left side wall looking at the pits downstair.I remember every 10' of a second !

Luckily no injuries (except a stiff neck) and as Frank said, some polyester , paint and minor spares for repair.

First time this happened to me after many track rounds for more than 20 years on bikes and cars(incl old track but same famous corner).

Fred, Obviously I'm happy to hear you are ok and that the car will be repaired. I can only dream of taking my car to Spa for a couple of laps. I'm envious. I watched the F1 race a couple of weeks ago and Spa is my favorite track on the F1 circus. Good luck with your injuries and the repairs. And remember...and obviously you do..."DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT!"