Crazy idea for SLC: Teardrop trailer?


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Yah, I never understood why some would want to tow a trailer behind exotic cars. I guess if you wanted to do a long road trip but I dont think an exotic would be my first choice for that either.
WTF would you want to pull a trailer with a super car?
A fair question. Here's the scenario I'm envisioning, and keep in mind that this is idle daydreaming at this point:

I'm in a position now where I make my own hours, and can take off for long stretches if I choose. I imagine taking an extended trip, alone or with a friend, and seeing friends sprinkled around the country, always having plenty of clothes, books, laptop, and a comfortable bed to sleep on, with the ability to unhook the trailer in one minute and take a drive in areas with fun roads.

Power Tour is another obvious answer.

As an aside, I am already in the process of putting a 17' rollback on an N-series Isuzu truck to have a hauler for my SLC and other track vehicles to hit racetracks, so that's another option. (This vehicle has to fit in my garage, as where I live won't allow me to park a tow truck outside at my house.) But the Isuzu won't be much for sleeping in...

Maybe my idea of a teardrop camper for my SLC will turn out to be unrealistic, and I will have ended up "wasting" $3000 and a few weeks time building the thing. Except I have friends and relatives that would LOVE to hitch a little camper behind their econobox and see the country on the cheap. My daughter is in college and she is already asking if she could use it some summer.

Again, just daydreaming for now. But isn't that the first step for anything good?

See that is why I think having a trailer for a super car is a great idea, I am not sure that I would like it on a long trip, but to use for a track day hauler, that sounds like a great idea. Somewhere to keep spares, and tires etc. Not a bad idea if you ask me and besides how cool is it to see a trailer and super car pull up to the track with matching paint schemes?

Just my .02

Erik Johnson


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It would be fairly straight forward to fabricate a bolt-on hitch setup to the rear of the SL-C for a lightweight trailer/tire-hauler. Something that would tie in the two upright billet suspension supports and the lower crosstube. I wouldn't want to use the crossbar alone though.