Dash mods

Good day all.

Has anyone changed the dash at knee points with metal panels.

I’m thinking of modifying my dash by cutting it and folding a metal panel - folding the lower return up.

This would lift the lower return up allowing better access for my legs at knee level.

The race cars have metal panels or fibre panels with switches and appear to allow better access for your legs and knees.

Would be keen to hear if you have made this mod or have moulds or drawings.

Hope this makes sense



Hi Bernie
I cut the return off the bottom of the dash and added angle extrusion to the inside to keep the rigidity.
Also added 6mm to the bottom of the dash legs to raise it up. This allowed the steering column to be raised for better feel and more knee room.
Cut out the switch panels and folded up ally plates.


15.12.11 002.jpg
15.12.11 012.jpg
15.12.11 017.jpg

Bill Kearley

It's not for every one Bernie , but because of the quality of my dash I chose to build my own. This made it possible to gain lots of knee room and establish my own steering wheel location. Check out my build post # 70 plus other pictures of the dash.