Database for all GT40s in NZ

Hi everyone. I have for a while now been compiling a list of GT40s in NZ. If you have a GT40, be it an unfinished project, a track car, or a registered car, I would love to hear from you. I’m only really after 6 items, being a name, a general area or city, MKI etc, motor, trans, and a photo if possible. There are 36 GT40s registered for the road, and I expect the total number in NZ would be around 100 included track and project cars. I believe a database could be very helpful to help connect owners with each other in the future.
Some of you know I am associated with a Superformance GT40 MKII here in Auckland which is ready for compliance. You can contact me here, or PM me via Facebook - Cam Townshend.
Looking forward to hearing from anyone regarding their build or finished car.