DAX GT 40 for sale



Hello to the forum. My name is Steve Crighton and I just happened by on your site. I think your GT40's are super vehicles. I don't own one as at the moment I am restoring a 72 Jensen Interceptor.

However in my surfing I noticed a Dax GT40 for sale on the H&H classic auction web site your members may be interested in looking at.

If you go to :Classic Auctionsnull
and follow the links, "cars" then "entries for the next sale" then "28 Nov 01" then have a look at "lot 29."

I had no idea that these GT 40's were now made in a kit form. I must say the thought of assembling such a vehicle and not having to repair an old rusted car has a great attraction!

I may have to do some research and maybe my next project has just been found!

PS. I have no interest etc in the above GT40 for sale.