Dean's SLC build thread

(Excuse the Little cut and paste from a previous thread) Fran and I have been working on this for a long time now. As many of you know I've been a client and friend of Fran's since the early days. In the past I have owned the chassis number 1 and chassis number 33 GT40. The 40 was the fastest car I had ever driven. It had no expense spared and was a great track/street, well, track car. It was a faithful representation of a modern race car skinned in a vintage body.

As many of you know, to keep a vintage look, you give up some performance features that just wouldn't look right in a vintage replica. I had a chance to drive what was the SLC test mule at Run and Gun in 2007 and then again in 2008. (It was more of a boat that year with all the rain!) That car was insane! I was able to run within 2 seconds of my best GT40 times with cold tires on a warm up lap! The GT40 won the pro class overall with those times! Anyway, it was an amazing day in the SLC.

So, the goal was to build a race car, yes, race car for the weekend warriors budget. This is not a street legal car but it could be if you wanted to add the weight. This will be a LS3 480hp crate engine with the new 2010 Porsche twin turbo six speed gear box, sparse race car interior and all of the race car upgrades needed to go fast. Not the extra stuff, just what you need. This car has the upgraded wheels, same as Fran's race car. It has all the splitters and rear wing with the new street tail cut just like green car. I will be running stock brakes because I really believe that's all that's needed. It will have the Digidash data logger with GPS.

I am going to call this one version 2.0 because it is the next step for me with Fran's company. The car number will be "v2.0"

Here we go!

Thats it out of the trailer which was no small task. Even with a 4 foot extension on the door, it took a pile of lumber to get it out with out rubbing. I moved it into the garage and started unpacking. Apparently I left some stuff at Fran's shop.:shrug: It was getting pretty late and I had a long drive ahead of me. No big deal, there's plenty to do.

(I can't upload any more pictures so I need to figure that out before I go any further. They are Iphone pictures, is that format a problem? PM me if you can help.)
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Well I got the car in the garage and took the front and rear off the car. That way I could see what I'm dealing with.

There is a lot of stuff here. I had a chance to lay ever thing out and get a good look at it. When you first get a car like this it is so exciting you just don't know where to begin.

I try to build cars in terms of the main systems. There is an order for me that might not be the same as someone else. I try to stick to a system until I can't go any further. The only exception is if I have something that I look at everyday that would look a lot better with just a little work. More on that in a minute.

The systems as I think they should go together are...
Drive train

There are always things that come up but that is the plan. This is a race car so it is a little different than my other projects or maybe the way you attacked your projects. I'm open to suggestions from those that have done this before.

Anyway, about those things that you look at everyday that drive you crazy.....
The rear clip needs to have the tail lights installed to look it's best. It just doesn't look as cool with out them in so that is the first project, sort of a warm up before the real work begins.

I'll post more on that tomorrow.

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I've been looking forward to the build thread for a long time, Dean!

If I were to choose the SLC over a 40, it might well relate to build cost. I'm going to be interested in seeing how you pick what to do with the systems.


I don't know why but *that* blue is definitely 'this' car's colour. It just works!

No offense to the rest of the SL-C owners (I would personally want mine in white or grey) but this colour really does make the SL-C look it's best.

I'm guessing this is a gel coat colour? I really need to see an SL-C in person... not long now...
The blue is not gel coat. It is actually "pure blue". It is a limited edition Porsche color. Initially I thought a darker metallic blue would be best but Fran steered me in this direction and it really does look good for a race car color. It would also be easier to color match if a guard rail jumps out in front of me! :shocked:

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just got off the pone with the engine supplier and it should be here today or tomorrow....
FYI....we do have a new Grabber blue gelcoat too.....there will be a West Coast race car for QRP in this blue too.....
The blue is not gel coat. It is actually "pure blue". It is a limited edition Porsche color. Initially I thought a darker metallic blue would be best but Fran steered me in this direction and it really does look good for a race car color. It would also be easier to color match if a guard rail jumps out in front of me! :shocked:
Dean, the Porsche color is perfect. Awesome pick.
Thanks for the complements guys. It is really an awesome project and I can already see that it is much easier to build than the GT40.

Remember the tail light comment I made, well I finished that up late last night. The first thing i needed to sort out is what light did what. I set up my battery charger for a little trial and error. One of the outer post is the negative.

The center post on each bulb are the driving lights and the out post is the turn signal on one and the brake light on the other.

I drilled a small 3/8 hole and just poked the wires through, leaving the inner wheel well almost completely sealed up.

The body has little dimples to mark where to drill for the mounting holes which made it real easy. The painted cover was installed with 3 little screws securing it in place on the inside edge, the bottom and the top. I also used clear silicone on the sides and the top to keep some of the dust out.

The tape just holds it in place while the silicone drys. I will need to take the cover off to service the lights but they have been tested and secured very well. I could have cut the back out for access but I decided against it. Fran makes a kit to seal the wheel wells and I have a carbon fiber version on order. When that arrives I will cut the access hole.

Until then it looks much better now with the lights installed!:thumbsup:

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Tom, here you go. This was a two tone brown '74 model that my fater-in-law had. I has less than 5000 miles on it. I have down a lot of work to it to make it more fun but I don't want to get sidetracked. Here is a picture anyway.
Wire = weight. This is a real "super light" coupe!

This is going to be one of, if not the lightest SLC. Since I am not using the GM steering column and don't have a lot of the electronics most street cars have, there was no need for the ISIS system. It's a cool system but I just didn't need it. I have the factory engine harness and the digidash 2 pro with GPS wiring. There really isn't much else.