Desperate request

Hi all,

This plea for help is a little off the usual GT40 track but somewhat related.
I have been trying to view an asociated GT40 site but can only view the front page. The ENTER tab appears as a white box with a square, triangle and circle in it. This is the only site that I have problems with and doubt that my settings need adjusting.Any suggestions would be gratefully received as the problem is driving me to distraction!!

I am running Windows98 with Explorer6
make sure you are running windows 98SE. This upgrade irons out many of the bugs, and makes it a favorite version of Windows for many who run old programs!
Email me if you need any details


Thanks for the input guys.

I've just down loaded Explorer Navigation and the latest Security up-dates, one of which appears to have cured the problem.

Cheers, Paul.


Hi Paul,
I'm delighted the problem is fixed!
For you other guys, I know Paul was having difficulty viewing the GTD 40 Club website at
I would appreciate it if some of you would give it a try and let me know if you have any problems.
Kind regards,
Andrew Fordyce
gtd40club Homepage

I can view it fine on both my Solaris box
running Netscape 4.73 and my Mac OS X box
running Netscape 6.2.2.

I can access the site alright with my work computer which runs windows 2000, however, with my home computer which runs windows xp (last updated yesterday) i have the same problem - i dont get past the front page.
I too am running XP and have no problems. How might one subscribe to the quarterly club magazine?