DIY mkiiA sump tank

You could try could try contacting Ron Fournier, if not to know, he should be able to point you in the right direction, just google his name on metal working sites.
So is there an inlet on each side, and an outlet in the very bottom of the tank that drops down into the passenger footwell?
one presumes there is some form of swirl tank in there to remove the air from the oil.
Top pic is view from below when installed, swirl tank is the portion held by 8 loc-wired cap screws, should not be too hard to reverse engineer if you have or can get access to original type chassis to measure/reference from.
That’s what I was thinking as well Jac Mac,

Width of the swirl tank would be governed by the inboard upper pedal mount.
Front edge by the opening in the spare wheel cover.
Rear edge to match the radius of the spare wheel cover.
Looks like it sits up snuggly under the top of the front clamshell.

The two pipes going into the sides of the tank, probably continue all the way into the swirl pot/de-aeration chamber and are aimed tangentially at the inner wall of the swirl pot.
Bottom of the swirl pot probably open to allow the larger main part of the tank to be filled/drain into the small sump at the bottom where the pickup is.

Second photo looks to be from 1046’s rebuild. I’m going to have to go and have a look now. Where did the feed line run through the cabin once its dropped through the spare wheel opening?

Regards Ryan
Horizontal line is oil level, running IIRC. Photos of MKII,A show those lines running down along LH sponson IIRC, those MK2's also did away with the center tunnel for coolant lines and used a sheet metal instrument panel etc I think.
I made my tank.
It has 3 baffle plates or floors with 3/4 holes that are swagged in towards the floor, the plates are about an inch apart and the holes on the middle plate are off set from the top and bottom, This is so the oil does not fall through the holes in the next plate.
This is so the oil flows on the plates and gives the air time to expel from the oil after being pumped into the tank.
You need to send the oil clock wise or anti clock wise around the top plate again to give it more time to de-airate
They are a fairly simple design but you need to make them so they can come apart and clean.


Eddy McClements

There are some photos here of Merlin Motorsport's version - they appear to have a single baffle, but at least you can see the general layout, and how the tank splits for cleaning.

I was told by sump maker that horizontal tanks are a different animal. They are very inefficient and are never made like a preferred vertical style.