Do you even fourteener bro?

Larry L.

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"Do you even fourteener bro?"

Even if I felt led to do that (and trust me - I never do!), it wouldn't be possible locally. The highest peak 'round here is less than eleven. 'Coarse, Mt. Rainier (14,416) isn't all that far away, I guess...

Jac Mac

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Count!!! Do you realise what you have done, Mike D is just gonna have to top that, even if he has to drive a forklift up Pikes Peak to get his GT40 higher!!:):)
Mike- That's good strong work, but you don't need altitude to have your breath taken away. I've climbed on three continents and been over 6k meters on my own two feet, but some of the most amazing things I've experienced have been right in my own backyard.


Cool... I'll have to check them out. Longs was about 12 for us but we moved slower than I would have liked. Had to get on trail at 4am to summit before noon when storms typically come in. Last bit is scramble but rest is just a hike. It's worth a trip at least once (in my opinion)

Mike D

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That's a long slog. Grays and Torreys can be done in 7 or 8 if you keep a good pace. It's not extreme but not a cake walk either. I'm like you in that it's not something I'm motivated to do every weekend but once in awhile it's a good test.


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I've been up Long's Peak when I had a place out in Boulder (no pics). However I like my mountains here at 6,600 feet with trees and shrubs. At 12,000 feet I need to breath deeper and stop now and then.


Mike D

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I would like to do Longs next year. I've heard there are different routes with one being pretty technical. I'm scared of heights so not sure about that ;)