Do you have a dead/rotting GT40 ?? Looking to buy paperwork.

Hi fellas,

...just putting this out there... I know it's slightly dodgy, but I'm left with few other options to actually *build* the car I want, and purchasing a complete car (just to junk it) is a waste of a vehicle, and of money.

SO... Looking to see if anyone has, or knows of a trashed 70/80/90's GT40 kit car that is likely never to see the light of day again (any country of origin). Im after the paperwork/title and evidence of registration, with >15 year old dates, and I am willing to pay a decent price for it.

If you've got something that might be able to help me out, I'm all ears, and you can get me here via PM, or directly via email: ed.oates @ hotmail .com

Thanks, and please, i know its dodgy, but you know where I'm coming from... no need to remind me :thumbsup:

Cheers guys
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