Doc's SL-C Shop

We just got started on my new shop. Overall, 30' x 60' divided into a covered 20' x 30' front and enclosed 30' x 40' shop. It will be red steel welded, insulated, roll-up door, bath/shower room, skylights, eaves vents, 110V/220V all around, stationary compressor with piping and drops, 2-post lift, epoxy floor, outside 220V welder plug and water on porch.


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Dang you've got a big back yard! I can't even see the fence! :D

Sounds like my kind of place....

Not exactly an ocean view!

I gave up sailing after I sold my last sailboat, bought a sportfishing boat (appropriately named ADRENALINE) and started big game fishing in Cabo San Lucas.

Forgot to mention the all-important AC unit in the shop!
Mine will have 12' walls and 3/12 roof pitch.

On my little shop in Lone Oak, it was originally a storage building of about 22' square, all metal and non-insulated! So, I bought a spray foam insulation kit for a DIY job. OK in theory. But the instructions said the nozzles were good for about 3 minutes EACH and I had 3 nozzles! Everything was draped (thank God) including the floor. I wore a "bunny suit", goggles, gloves, old tennies, dust mask and got to work. I needed 2 1/2 kits so I had nine fan nozzles. The walls went pretty quickly. The ceiling was a different story. I had to go up and down a ladder, moving the ladder along the way, dragging the twin tanks along, changing nozzles AND enduring a "snow storm" of foam bits. My goggles were blanketed in just a couple of minutes and everything had a dusting of foam bits!

Note to self....."next time hire this out"!

I see you have plenty of work space, nice! I will have a center roll up door and an I-beam will run the length down the center line to hold a trolly.
Looks like a fun project Doc and fabulous views. How far away is it from the house?

I am will be breaking ground on my man cave first week of Feb. Nothing quite so big though at 20'x40', with 8' walls and pitched roof, timber framed. Split 50/50 to park two cars up front with the rear half to be the home of the P4 and my Den.

Can't decide what to put on the floor though, probably those interlocking tiles with the raised circle bumps.

The new shop is certainly closer than my other shop (330 miles away!). It is on 66 Acres and is currently about 15 minutes away from our new house in town. But, we are planning on building on the 66 AC as soon as the other ranch sells and then it will only be across the driveway from the house garage. But, I couldn't wait any longer to get going on the SLC again....

I purchased a RapidAir compressor tubing kit to go around the shop and will add access ports as needed.

It's been too cold to pour the slab this week :veryangry:.

A hint to Texas trailer owners: State law now requires TRAILER INSPECTION STICKERS like the Vehicle Inspection stickers we are familiar with. This has caught many by surprise towing horse trailers, car haulers, etc.
I weas also thinking of piping air around the building. Must check out RapidAir. The B option is a ceiling mounted 15m retractable airhose reel.

Too cold to pour slab in Taxas? What chance have I got then in poor, cold ole' Blighty???
Me gots serious workshop envy...
When can I come over and sling fiberglass dust all over the place? :)

In California we mostly live on postage stamp lots. :(

You can come by any time. I'll even throw in some Negra Modelas for your labor.

Got the slab poured and I'll update photos soon.
We may have to petition for the first annual SL-COG meeting at Doc's clubhouse. Looks like he'll have enough room and Texas is sort of centrally located ..... now lets Goggle San An-Jello.... :) Where the heck is that?

Midland is not far away....Is that the home of Jim Hall and Chaparral ....nice.

Maybe we should set the mimimum of 5 road worthy cars for the first National Meeting?
Who is in?

Haha getting a little ahead if myself.....

Just kidding Doc.
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Little update: Met with builder Sunday to go over some details/changes. One change will be to change to opening ridge vents rather than eaves vents. Going to use boxed beams rather than C-beams outside under front porch to keep birds from nesting inside C-beams. Gutters will go to 55-gal drums (my "green earth contribution" :thumbsup:) for water catchment. I purchased this 2-ton trolly from Harbor Freight to run along the center ridge I-beam.


Smart thing going with the ridge vents. You will help avoid the buildup of heat much better that the soffit vents, and it will aid in air flow on the slab level.