Don Cherry

As a fellow Canadian I am saddened by your comment. My father was a veteran who served in both WW1 and WW2. He was one of the most honest and straight-up men I have ever known. He believed he fought for freedom and tolerance. He was a Christian who believed in the Brotherhood of Men, a phrase that seems lost in these divisive times.

Bill Kearley

A lot people move to Canada because it's a great place to live, largely dew to sacrifices made by veterans like your father and mine. Cherry's statement states that he would like to see newcomers ( those people ) educate themselves and show some appreciation of Canada's history. After all why do so many people chose Canada.
Bill, one thing I totally agree with you on - Canada is a great place to live. I have lived and worked in 5 different countries and am so glad that our family chose to move back to Canada over 20 years ago. In my opinion the best place to live in the world! One of the things I value most is the tolerance and openness in our society. Having lived in both England and the US, the current level of division and ferment being whipped up, the polarization within these countries, is very depressing. The divisions will take a long time to heal. I truly hope Canada never falls into this trap.
Yes, Neil, you are right, the Province of Quebec does sometimes display higher levels of xenophobia. There was a recent crazy story when the Quebec government refused a French post-doctoral student studying at Laval her immigration papers because she hadn't demonstrated sufficient knowledge of the language!