Door striker drawing

On my quest of parts gathering I have got Rover door latches on the way but I am looking for a drawing for the dimensions of the original strike plate so I can have a pair EDM cut. Appreciate any info.


Brian Stewart
If you can find a Triumph Mayflower, of Phase I or 2 Vanguard, the striker plates are much the same.
I have had no luck there. I was advised the ones I am getting were also fitted to early cars (Rover P4) I have had no luck on my Triumph Mayflower ect searches.
Thank you for the link for the latch. The first one that arrived was just like the original Rover units. The once I contacted the seller and explained I need the straight one they resent 2 pair! look a lot better than the Rover units that are crooked and are very close to the original tear drop units. See photo for comparison. The green pair came from a Rover that I received with the latch assemblies, the plated equivalent are the first ones received and then

Here is who I bought from
scootershop9910(1 item)
US $11.53

Order Front Left & Right Door Lock Striker Plate for Morris Ambassador Cars @us
Front Left & Right Door Lock Striker Plate for Morris Ambassador Cars @us
door catch types.jpg

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It's the way to go David,:)
Research always pays in spades and I know of a few charlatans out there who would have charged you a lot for those.
sThe Rover parts guy in England (Richards Rovers) was a great help to get the latches for a reasonable price. Now all I need is a body, chassis, suspension and motor and I will be assembling!