Randy V

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The fitting of the doors within the spider are the most complex panels in the entire car.
I understand you are on a tight budget, but I would be remiss if I didn’t give you this warning -
At the very minimum, you should purchase the doors and spider from the same supplier.
OP, Randy,
You wont be able to fit the front or rear clips easily either as they wont match up between replicas!! A HOT MESS to say the least....... I would recc. you buy the body all together from one source. (unless of course you or a GOOD friend are great at repairing fiberglass/corvette/boat parts) . Scott


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Are you positive that those doors are ex-CAV ?
The shape of those window openings also look odd and the word "replica" is often a misused term these days so I agree with Randy and Scott.
I see from your avatar that you already have spider to work from but five hundred dollars without a trial fit of these seems a lot of wages for mystery scrap doors needing major work (even if they had the tops intact).