DRB#5 goes to the movies

Since my retirement 2 years ago I have been busy with my car getting a few bugs worked out. The notorious starter has raised its head again costing me a 5th(you read that right) ring gear and starter. The starter manged to break a collar mount. This was sent back to HiTorque for repair. Three weeks later the starter failed again taking the fifth ring gear with it. Kennedy Engineering was contacted since they supplied the starter Clutch flywheel package with the engine adapter. There comment was they had dropped Hi Torque for the many complaints and breakage. A new unit was sent and the task of replacing the parts was undertaken. Since I am getting up in age and the many adventures that entails, I had Jared Goff do most of the heavy work for me. Arthritis is the real nemesis here these days. That was finally done and a tightening of the alternator belt were the final things that were keeping me off the road. There are some minor issues with the body work that will get attention this winter from the bubbling of paint to some old injuries to the duck tail several years ago.

When I retired, my wife gave me "the talk about fixed income" and that there was no room in the budget for "the car".... So I said,, well it looks like I need to get another job. So I entered the field of movie making as an "extra" or "background actor"". Money is not the best, minimum wage, but there is a lot of overtime. So bringing home $100+ is some compensation for just sitting aroun for hours and then walking your legs off for 15 or more takes for one scene.They will pay a "bump" if they want and you can supply an apropriate car for the era of the movie. Anything from $25 to several hundred for period cars even if they don't run.

I responded to one last week for a 70s era movie, based on a TV series known as Soul Train. The new name for it will be American Soul. It is about the ins and outs of a low budget TV series and their problems. I had been submitting my brother's car a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible. I was restoring it for my nephew who lives in Sweden. I had it for about 10 movies and then I shipped him the car. I was then out of posssible cars to submit other than my 2013 Ford F150 Lariat, and my 2012 Vokswagen Bettle which was sold several months ago. So on a whim I submitted DRB #5 and somehow they wanted it.The lead character was a "High Powered" exec. who ran the TV show in California.
Most of the cars used as extras are usually parked and don't move. Sometimes they will incorporate moving cars for scenes. The day started off with it just parked on set. Then they asked to move it in the lot and it became the center piece for the rest of the scenes for the day. I managed to get a few pics of the goings on. Had to be careful as you are not supposed to take cameras on set. They have asked me to be on set for two days next week. It is really interessting what they go through to get a scene in when making a movie. They have to be conscious of reflections and have to be the same for sunlight and shadows. Several times they would have to erect shades that would affect the lighting or block out the reflections from behind the camera on the flat portions of the car(even though there aren't many). Here are some of the pics while setting up the scenes. These outside scenes were of auditions for dancers that might be on the program Soul Train. I am cast as a studio exec. and am paired up, most of the time with a young 23 year old blonde office employee!! There is a protest scene where the dancers are trying to get more pay and it all takes place about the time th
ere was an earthquake in California. They will shoot anywhere from 3-4 rehearsal's and 2-10 "takes" before they are satisfied with what they want. If they have say 8 scenes, they will continue shooting until they get those scenes done which can last all night at times. They have no trouble with daylight as they can project anytime of day, or night for any particular scene.




I use an IMI starter on my SBC + G50. The adapter, flywheel, & clutch is from Kennedy. No problems with it so far.
I think the starter issue(s) are a thing of the past, and yes the color is Linden Green. Thanks to Andrew who supplied me with a sample from an original, and a little luck with Ebay. Gave it to my paint shop and they mixed some that was a perfect match to Andrew's sample.
John lets make that trip. We'll caravan or you can ride with me. Been racking up a lot of miles lately.