DRB GT40 for sale.

Pete McCluskey.

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This car is unique as it was built by the DRB factory.

Motor Ford Windsor 5.75 litre V8, 8 throttle body EFI system. ECU Autronic SM2 Gearbox Porsche G50 with 0.79: 1. 5th gear. Clutch Porsche Turbo 930. Suspension front Corvette Forged Alloy A Arms and uprights. Rear Custom GT 40 Replica AVO Spring Dampers. Brakes Corvette 11.5” Ventilated rotors & Alloy Callipers. Steering rack Holden Torana LH/ LX. Wheels Simmons FR series 3 piece Alloy Front 17” dia x 8” rim. Rear 17” dia x 12” rim. Tyres Front 235/VR17/40 Rear 335/VR17/35 Fuel System Twin 42 litre Tanks Bosh High pressure pump Rico Z 200 high pressure Filter. Built by the DRB factory. Engine develops 375 rear wheel horse power, Road registered with number plate GT 40 V8 Air conditioning electric power steering. $ 112,000.Aud.


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Doug S.

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WOW, Pete, I sure hate to see you sell. When I signed on to the forum you were just finishing the build. I'm sorry to see you're letting it go.

I'm guessing your equine/automotive racing activities are taking up much more of your time?

Whatever the reason, I hope to get to read your posts in the future, hope you'll stick around!

(...on a side note...I'm happy to see that you found an electric power steering system that you could fit to your 40!)

Cheers and Good Luck with whatever the future holds for you (and your incredible GT40)!


Pete McCluskey.

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Thanks for your kind words, the reason for the sale is I am downsizing and moving into an apartment which has limited garage space. Simple as that. I love the car but it’s getting harder to get in and out off. That’s a function of my age bugger it. Anyway I hope it goes to a nice home. Once again thanks for the kind words.