Edd China

Mike Pass

Remember the TV car show Wheeler Dealers? I only used to watch the bits where Edd China showed us how to do stuff and fast forward through bullshitter Brewer bits. The show lost interest for me when Edd China left and it seems that many people think the same way. I was hoping that the the TV show producers would be smart enough to sign Edd up to a series where cars actually got worked on rather than the endless crap soaps and "reality" shows that clog the airwaves.
However Edd is back but not on TV but on You Tube. Have a look and subscribe to his channel. You may also find the videos of his motorised sofa and garden shed!

Here are the links to his responses to questions and his first video.

I must admit, I lost interrest with Ant as a substitute. The whole wheelerdealers was better with Ed.
Mike Brewer, I have met him several times at Sileverstone Classic. He's a true sales man and don't know sh.t about the stuff he's dealing with. He can sell a fridge to an Eskimo but otherwise its a trades man.
Wheeler dealers got lost after Ed left.

Thanks for the link.


I agree with all the above, that Mike Brewer was a total bell housing, med Edd once, I am 6' 5" tall and he made me look bloody short, no way he could get in a 40!!
Then I saw on Quest a new series but sadly its Episode 13 which was back in May 2016, why could Ed not have done his own thing with Quest? Mike brought nothing to the show except stupid comments about being a "Wheeler Dealer" in a pseudo cockney accent and asking the same inane question all week with "Is that all you have done"
You Tube it is!!