Electric GT40 replica

Hi guys,
New to the forum, I have a crazy idea and that's why I am here: i want to build an all electric GT40 replica.
I am torn between CAV or RCR.
I was wondering if their chassis (stainless steel for CAV, aluminum monocoque for RCR) would require any sort of adjustments to fit in a dual electric motor and the batteries and if yes, would that be possible? (still trying to figure out the dimension of all these parts)
For weight distribution, I think i'll put some batteries at the old engine location, some where the fuel tank used to be and maybe some in the front to have a little bit of weight there as well.
What are your thoughts? (please nothing philosophical, i know some won't like the idea, but i think it is a pretty exciting one).

Thank you all very much in advance
I have thought about it - Southern GT chassis with cells in the sills and filling the space remaining in the engine bay once you get in inverters etc.

Cooling is going to be really important

Ian Anderson

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I believe Fran Hall, who owns RCR has already done this in one of his cars.
send him an e mail


Ian Anderson

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Found it

Would that mean heating may be required as well?
Depends on where you live - you can get away with it if you expect it to be garaged etc (which I would imagine it would be) - anything over say 8ish deg C the cells should be able to generate enough heat to get themselves into a happy zone without plating themselves to death!


There is an almost ready to drive electric GT40 close to the place where I life. Send me a PM, and I can create a contact.