Electric Mustang?!?

I would be fine if this car was just a Ford Fusion, something like that. But this is Ford literally banking on the Mustang name to try and sell a car. I'm fine with radical designs from time-to-time (I personally find the new C8 Corvette a great direction.) But if you turn a car that's supposed to emanate the word powerful and make it into some kind of soccer-mom SUV, then no one is going to be happy. Probably they thought they can get the newer generation into the Mustang by making an electric vehicle. Which so far, they've failed dramatically. The only thing reminiscent of the Mustang, is the front. I won't say this will be a total fail as people will buy it, but Ford will be slinging mud on the Mustang name to make some dosh.
The majority feeling amongst employees is also that the name is wrong. It was described internally as a 'Mustang inspired Electric SUV' & known until a few days ago as the 'Mach-E' only.
An electric car is totally impractical for me (& I suspect many others), but there are people out there who want this kind of thing (or have been swept along by the 'E - Revolution' and think that they do.....)
So maybe the right car for some customers but I think the wrong name.


When everyone in California gets home from work and plugs in their electric vehicles to a charger, the whole electric grid is going to blow circuit breakers.

Larry L.

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It's not...not...NOT a Mustang any more than a Skunk Cabbage is a rose.

Whoever 'twas at Ford who thought it would be a smart marketing tactic to call that FOUR DOOR E.V. a Mustang is obviously about five beers short of a six pack...or he hasn't the foggiest clue what constitutes a real Mustang...or both.

I guess it's just a misguided attempt to increase awareness by utilizing a name that everyone knows. But trading away credibility for awareness seems silly.