End to a longtime kit car saga!


I started my journey over ten years ago to build a mid engine kit car. I looked at the GT40, Ultima, SLC and GTM. Ultimately, I ended up getting a great deal on a partially completed GTM. That was back in 2008. Now, almost 10 years later I've finally given up. The car was really too small to begin with (I'm 6'4") and I literally had to climb on the floor to get into it.

I've learned a lot from many posts here and at other forums along the way, but I've decided to part ways with all the parts I've collected over the years. It's really sad my first post here is to announce I'm leaving the kit car community (at least for now), but I need at least one post to list in the classifieds.

I still enjoy looking at all the work done by other members and just to see some of the ingenuity and craftsmanship. Hopefully I can find the right car that will fulfill my desire to build again and not just settle for something else.

Joe from San Diego
The GTM is a really hard car to build, with even pro builders like Shane taking 40 hours to do a door- and that is after many cars worth of experience.

When you have recovered, maybe an easier build like the Superlite GT-R would be a better fit. It's among the easier cars to build of its type and is enormous in terms of the interior, so you'd likely fit easily.
Sorry to hear that Joe. That's a real shame. As Will said, I've heard the GTM is a tough car to build.

Maybe a roller GT40? Something mostly done from a well known source, with just some finish work and drivetrain to install.

My experience has been that these things take twice as long, and cost twice as much, as originally envisioned. So, starting with something very manageable and well within reach is a good starting point.

I hope you find your mojo again.
Thanks for the encouragement. I wasn't really that afraid of the build as I have done many ground up restorations and custom fabrication. My main issue was the fact I wanted a mid-engine supercar and I just didn't fit in the GTM. I thought I could make it a roadster, but that turned into many hours of design and no time to mock it up. I am a Ford guy at heart, so a GT40 would have been a better choice to start with, but I got such a great deal on the GTM, I decided to try it anyway.

My current intent is to clear out the garage and do more research this time before I jump in on the next project.