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So I talked with someone today about engine options. The simplest and most predictable options seemed to range between the LS3 to the LS7. Fran said that some have tracked their car with the LS3 with no problems. I don't know why, but I have reservations about running a wet sump on the track. However, I like the price tag on the LS3 much better. I can also see that with more horsepower, that you get to a point that it is more about my manhood than the ability to transfer the energy from the tires to the pavement. I also have one other item that I want- a bad ass sound ( can you say ass?). That means a cam shaft change. Not only could I get that rumble that I want but it would also increase horsepower/performance.

So here is what I am thinking.... an LS3 with a cam shaft change and a conversion to a dry sump ($3500). My initial thinking is that I would have improved performance on an LS3, and great sound and less than the cost of a stock LS7.

I am crazy (I have asked my wife not to respond)????
I have ran quite a few laps at Hallett. I'll bet you you have done some laps there too. My LS3 is right out of the box. I ran low 1:20's with 1 year old slicks that were used when Fran sent them to me off of the factory car. I think this setup would run 1:18 or better on new tires. My engine is a stock LS3 480 horse but you really don't need anymore. I run an extra qt of oil and run 10w 40 with no troubles at all. I have seen tons of corvettes on track days with wet sumps doing great times. There are some you tube videos around that you can here the sound. My friends, who are extremely competitive, accused me of lying about the engine being stock. It sounds great.

People always put crazy power in these cars but you just don't need it. Believe me, if someone out runs me, I'll upgrade but until then the stock setup will be fine. My experience has been listen to Fran, its his car and he knows best. (most of the time):thumbsup:
I have more laps there than any other track. Had a 1:15 in my FE. I love the track! As a matter of fact, the pic under my name is at Hallett.

Fran Hall RCR

I know best???....wow you been drinking again?.....

I think the LS376 with 480HP has enough lope to the cam but still be drivable as a street car...many on the forum have this engine and its the best bang for the buck imho....
Fran and I had a nice 20 min discussion yesterday as to the LS376/480 being the engine of choice. I have done quite a bit of teeter-tottering back and forth between engine options (piston vs non piston) too.
My thoughts on a dry sump. I personally do not see the need. Just get an accusump and call it a day. At 10% the price, way simpler, way way lighter overall for the car and do the same basic function of keeping the engine oil pressure. I have used one on my road race car and have about 150 track hours on it and no issues. I did blow up the engine in 4 laps without it on the first time on track and learned right away. Just keep it simple, LS376, or if you are doing a cam just get a base LS3, put a cam, valve springs, Ti retain package, a little tune and you have a nasty setup up that gives you the power and sound you want. I question my crazy engine choice all the time and ponder if I should have done this exact setup myself.
Troy has said it all!
LS3 with a cam change/hardened pushrods/valve springs/retainers/tune.
Best bang for the $$.
I am liking that direction. I am thinking I want the exhaust out the side instead of the rear. Any thoughts on headers/exhaust for that application?
I have read Grant's build thread several times. Impressive and intimidating. I was surprised to learn that side exhaust would be quieter than rear exhaust. I was thinking exactly the opposite. Any one have thoughts on noise and performance based on side vs. rear exhaust?

Ken Roberts

Doubt that side exhaust would ever be as quiet as rear exit. Manily due to the distance to your ears. Rear exhaust lets you add a catalytic converter to help quiet it down and make it more emmisions compliant.
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No way that side exhaust is quieter than rear exhaust. Rear exit has longer pipe and the exit is further from your head. LS7 headers work fine for side exit.