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Hi Guys,

I have already built some cars (Cobra, Super Seven ...) and wanted to share my experiences with Tornado.
I got the kit in September 2018.
All parts were complete and perfectly packed. For each part there is a marked package with screws and small parts - we really lack nothing. Also, the parts fit together perfectly and there are no problems with assembly. Furthermore, if you have any questions, you will receive a reply within 12 hours. I had 2 different rear silencers. These were exchanged without problems. The only thing that is not so perfect is the construction manual. But if you take the system with sytem, you do not need them anyway.
In summary, I have to say that I had never bought such a perfect kit. I can only recommend.

I contacted them about ordering a kit as stated on the web site the listing price was 38000GBP ...I emailed them and got a reply saying that the price is not valid and that It is 49000gbp now for a tubed chassis .... upset that they won't honour their advertised price...I think ill go with RCR instead.
I contacted them about ordering a kit as stated on the web site the listing price was 38000GBP ...I emailed them and got a reply saying that the price is not valid and that It is 49000gbp now for a tubed chassis .... upset that they won't honour their advertised price...I think ill go with RCR instead.
Had the same experiance last year with Tornado Sports Cars, odering a decent amount of parts and got a reply almost twice the price listed. Was also very upset with it and bought it all somewhere else.
Andy still lists new parts I am very interested in, but i don't feel confident to spent my money there.

I like to be fckt by my wife, not by a company selling GT40 parts.

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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As explained to both of the above prices change and when you ask we will give you the up to date prices before the order is placed.
The web site is clearly marked that prices may change and may not be up to date.
I have been trying to buy a 1960's MK1 GT40 from Ford at the original price of £7540 for a while now.
I got the price off a Ford poster that is on the wall of my office.
In fact at that price I might even save up and buy 2 of them.
No dog in this fight (is that PC?...like I give a...) But, it might be helpful if the website reflected the current pricing.

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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I just looked back on our system and your ENQUIRY not order was about just 4 items
The aluminium flap fittings increased from £175 to £ 250. This is not unreasonable
The seals were £60 and remained at £60
The Locators were £30 and remained at £30
The Hartwells were £295 and it was explained that they were an early version and replaced by a much better cast version at £595.
You better have a word with your Wife.
May be will add my 2 cts there ;
Long time ago we built for Le Mans test in France an Gt car based on GT40 so we where in need for all perspex parts and ancillaries for doors and windows , I phone to Tornado and immediatly they agree to sell us those parts ( even we where not a kit buyer ) doing a very friend price to help our small team
Parts where shipped at once and we received those within 3 days !!
10 years after we where in need ( for one of our team mate ) of a complete set of headers ; again remembering us they sold and deliver within a week
that set at very very reasonable price
Just those few worlds to show that ideas about some kit suppliers have to be done reading and talking with more than one people and considering that they are small companies doing their best to ensure sites etc etc
( Just read some threads about problems with another one !!!!!)
The issue I have, if I buy parts at Burton power, Gartrac or lets say Carbuildersolution. The price listed is the price I pay. There's no suprice.

You just make a list of parts needed and see if it fits your budged. There's my issue with Toronado, you never know what he charges as his listed prices may fool you.
Yes , of course your point of view is absolutly understandable
But could you consider also ( it is only a personal thinking I have because no connection at all with any of the kit suppliers !!) the ones you are describing are purely item suppliers and maybe with more computer people dedicated to follow their site with stock and prices up to date, comparativly to kit manufacturers that are more involved in trying to solve issues on production or watever more "tecnical and RnD" stuff
Specially also when their suppliers stop to produce or increase their prices with no advise ( so their list are obsolete and they have to solve this missing and come back to PC work on the site ?????)

Again your position is understandable; I have faced similar situations with others suppliers or manufacturers trying to undertsand if explanations provided for some big variations in prices where valuable or not making my own decision as you did


Mortified GT
Or just remove all prices on the site and leave it to the potential customer to send their enquiry for an up to date price, very time consuming though.
Fabrication costs have gone through the roof on many parts lately from various companies, and when you add the GT40 tax...well then you have it...
Good luck chasing parts....


Well, you could be buying Ferrari parts.... when I rebuilt mine years ago the prices kept changing- always in the upward direction. Their explanation was "It's the exchange rate" but this excuse was offered whether the $ to Lire rate went up OR down.
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Last thing to say from my side,
We own 17 classics, 14 taxed, MOT, etc.
Chasing parts for classics is my specialty, and I make money with it for customers. My wife is building a mk2 and there's no discussion about money about our private collection. Whats needed is needed and will be bought.
For our own purchaces and for my customers. I like to know up front.
Hi andy , don't mean To be rude, your site is extremely outdated...i assume you build it in 1995?? I suggest building a better site and reflect current pricing and update with better pictures ..... ur site just doesn't sell and not appealing to anyone. Its now 2020.

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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Thanks for your opinion. Everybody is entitled to one even if its wrong.

You have always had prompt responses to all of your messages asking questions.

At the end of the day we do not sell web sites we sell GT40s.

The customers who currently have cars on order seem to have a different opinion to yours and those are the ones that matter.

Good luck with your build and I am sure your finished budget will far exceed the £49,000.


Having already read about the GT Forte debacle and now this lovely little thread it does make me feel slightly smug that I went for a Southern GTView attachment 109600
Personally I think that was an unnecessary dig at Andy and Tornado sports cars.
They are a superb, well established, professional company selling a top quality product. They are NOT to be compared to GT Forte!
From my point of view, their website is very comprehensive with lots of info. I can’t comment on the prices, which may or may not need updating but the increases Andy mentioned are not unreasonable, and very probably reflect his suppliers increases.
I doubt any GT40 manufacturer is getting fabulously wealthy from the pretty small market, rather they are making a living from their passion. Anybody running a business in these current times has my sympathy.
Always remember nobody NEEDS a GT40 replica, but we all WANT one............
No connection with TSC.

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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Thanks for your support.
Mark obviously knows nothing about the GT40 market in the UK and would be better using his time trying to build his car.
lock please, this place is indeed much better then this thread. I don't mind people sharing less satisfactory experiences, and a vendor is allowed to respond. However, the the back and forth 'blabla' is just not GT40s.com worthy.
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