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Bill Kearley

What's the concensus on Brazil. Did any one note how rough the track is / was when Brundle did the parade lap in what I think was one of Senna's old cars?
I think the Ferrari contact exposed an all ready damaged suspension. Could be very lucky that it happened the way it did, and shortly after another car suffered a suspension failure.
Why was there a caution when Bottas's engine failed and was completely clear of the track. Could it be a little game by the stewards to add drama.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Couldn't have been any rougher than COTA. Sound plausible on the existing damage that was pushed to failure on the red team.
Nothing could be rougher than COTA is now. Seriously.

Seems to be Bottas' car could have been high centered as it was half on half off the access road. Hard to tell, but there was some drop off at the edge of the pavement.

The Elephant in the room... What the hell was Vettle thinking as he crowded his teammate to the center of the track and then claim LeClerc was trying to run him out of track? What a putz.

Would have been historic to see three 'Red Bulls' on the same podium.
The 3 Red Bulls on the podium would have been awesome.
Vettle did exactly the same thing with Webber, hasn't learnt a thing.
I think Riccardo was a bit too cautious of Magnuson chopping him and lost it bumping on the curb. otherwise felt he was far enough up to claim the corner. penalty seems ok after having a day to think about it. I wonder where he would have finished if not for that. Was he ahead of Saintz at that stage or was it Lando?

I am just about to put the "3 Legs - 4 wheels" f1 pod cast on for my commute home. Normally good for a laugh.
One of the better races this season. The last few have kept my attention, which is short nowadays. Felt sorry for Albon, he really deserved to podium. I used to like Vettel a lot, though admittedly, he was a little petulant. That certainly hasn't changed with age and experience, and that's a bit disappointing. Lest everyone forget, Schumi was a bit like that (yes, he's been deified regardless).

I'm interested to see how things play out in 2021, with the rules changes. Are any of the major players going to use them as an excuse to bail? At least, there is a hope for more parity.