Fast Car Festival, Donnington

On the 2nd July there is a Fast Car Festival at Donnington Park Circuit, as posted on the Club Website > Events page
The Fast Car Festival | The Fast Car Festival

Peter Thompson, our NW Area Rep is organising TRACK TIME but has a very short window of time in which to find interested parties.
So if you are in any way interested & even think you might like to take part contact Peter NOW just to register interest, at this time this commits you to nothing but an interest.
[email protected]

Contact Perter NOT me!
We have now committed to this track session - is scheduled for 2.20 in the afternoon of 2nd July, the session is GT40 exclusive - normal trackday speeds and conditions. We will have a large display area as well.
Cost is 50 pounds per car, payable via Tim Martin. Also required is an entry pass ( 10 pounds) - order online from The Fast Car Festival - Club Tickets -select GT40 Enthusiasts Cub from the dropdown, password is GT40 Club ( inc space and case sensitive) click Club Show Entry Tickets and scroll down for 1 Club Vehicle Pass. Don't go down to the tracktime section unless you want to book extra time with other public entrants!
Let me know if you are in for this so I can keep track of things- there are about 10 in so far.
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Just to clarify the last post re instructions for Donington, 'click Club Show Entry Tickets' means enter the number required 1 for driver or 2 if you are bringing a passenger - then also the vehicle pass further down. Deadline is 26th May for Club tickets and passes. After that you would get a late passenger in, but that's all
Latest news re this event - the deadline for booking club entrytickets is now put back to June 9th - so you have plenty of time to join us!