Ferrari V8 - What should I build?

A little indulgent, I know. I had planned on fitting this engine to my F3000 chassis, but am thinking it'd be a fun 9000rpm engine to enjoy in something that could be used anytime, road registered.

Current options include lightweight GT40, 917, Westfield, D Type replica, Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior, Lancia Stratos replica, among others. I also still have all the F1 uprights, drive shafts and brakes, so could incorporate them too.

Gearbox will be a 6spd sequential, whether it's a transaxle or inline box.

Anyone with some crazy ideas?


Trike, then you can toss an old commodore V6 in it & sell when your sick of bugs in your wanted crazy:)

Randy V

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Putting it in a GT/GT40 replica would be just too wrong on so many levels... :eek:

Alfa or Lancia would be okay but a bit odd...

P4 --- YES
P4 seems a popular choice.

If only a 250GT California was still available in kit form. I believe Louis Linxwiler sold his moulds to a company now only producing turn-key minus cars.

I wonder if Fran has anything interesting like that, or other F Cars for that matter, on the low-down?


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Do you know, Id never heard of this model and I once raced a 47! Thanks for the tip. Yes that would be a great vehicle for the F motor... :thumbsup: but I'll bet there aren't any down under and even 47's (Europa) would be hard to find and expensive.

However. I think an F motor belongs in an F to be honest, so have a look at these..

Ferrari Replica Kits
i recon Westfield, put the F1 corners on it , 9000rpm motor. Let the world marvel. Lancia Stratos makes sense with the Fezza motor. Some might say the GT40 with a Fezza motor is the best of both worlds.......An SLC / Ultima type car would take the motor and the F1 corners would look right at home.


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Anyone with some crazy ideas?
Buy Kent's RCR P4 in the for sale section and before you bring the P4 across the pond pull/sell LS and Porsche box to someone here on the board that is looking for a drop in for their SL-C (or ?) build....all is right with the world......not crazy but definitely proper.

Some good suggestions there, and certainly doing my homework on a few mentioned above. The engine bay doesn't need to be that tall, as I can always fit the Jenvey 8-stack set-up to this V8, which lowers the height significantly.

Still leaning towards something that looks old, even if it isn't. I'm not bothered about blasphemy, by the way :lipsrsealed:
Toyota, Nissan, Chevy, or Ford mini pickup lowered to the ground. Ultimate sleeper and would keep you grinning. Best parts chaser ever, just use good tie downs for the stuff in the back.