Fiberfab Avenger

Hi all, I was looking for some opinions on a Fiberfab Avenger kit car. I'm looking at one tomorrow and would like to know what a fair price would be in your esteemed. This is an original 70's fiberglass body with what appears to be a custom frame, and a 4 cylinder fiero engine.

I have been asking questions about transaxles and such, but does anyone have any take on these style bodies?

The guy selling it has lowered his buy it now to $1500, but I'm not sure I want to pay more than about $800 for is a full project with an only semi-decent body ,and if the frame cannot be salvaged, this could get expensive and time consuming. Plus, brand new bodies can be had from them for only 3200. I do not know how much closer I could get to a GT40 for under 3 grand, though, and I'm willing to work for this, just no money :cry:.


Dylan, If you are trying to save some money, I wouldn't advise to go there. You will have far more than the purchase price invested for a car that someone scabbed together. Everything that you can imagine that could be replaced probably needs to be. Looks like a Fiero rear engine cradle stuck to a homemade frame of sorts. Definately not a Fiberfab frame. The body was early Fiberfab Avenger for a VW platform.
Molleur is right. What you got there could reasonably only be restored to a Fiero engined car and it looks like the engineering of the whole assembly is crude at best. Even given the fact that you are young and might not mind the extra hour of work this one should be left somebody else's problem.
I personally like the idea of an early kit car as the basis for a low buck beginner's sports car. Given a little time and some research you should be able to find a better an old V8 engined car or maybe a cool front engined Kellison. Happy Hunting.
Dammit, that was what I was worried about. I was crossing my fingers that it was a V8 platform to begin with, one of those corvair kits I think. Thanks for saving me a ton of time and money. I will keep my eye out, I do want a midengined kit car.

I own a 1972 Dodge Challenger that was my first car and that I've spent 8 years on. I just finished it in the spring and I'm looking to take a break from Mopar muscle and do something fresh. And I have an obsession with GT40's.

Mike and Molleur and AJ, many thanks.


Dimi Terleckyj

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Without being rude take your money and run as far as you can from this thing.

I think you would be very sorry with the end result no matter how much time and money you threw at it.


Scott Calabro


Call me.

The roads have not been salted/sanded yet.

I'll give you a ride in a 2100lb car with 385 HP.

Just make sure you wear a "Depends" for the resulting incontinence!

Just to wet your appetite for the future....



The car you showed the link to is a 3 pc body. It appears to be a GT-15, a tube frame designed for Corvair running gear. It is a step up from the VW version. Fiberfab also made a tube chassis mid engined V8 version called a Valkyrie.
Thanks wayne. The back of the body breaks behind the rear window, I would assume for an engine mounted behind the transaxle like a VW motor?

I was surprised when I looked up the price for the valkyrie V8 kits, as they start at only $5000. Of course, a window package and other essentials are left out, but they are lower new than I expected to find such a car.

Scott, thank you, that is a very nice offer. I feel oblidged to point out that I dont think I could ever afford a Tornado kit, before I ask you for a ride!
While this forum is mostly for the purist GT40 replica I learn a great deal here and apply many things to the mid engine Kellison GT40 I am building, I cant afford a replica,
There are a couple great yahoo groups for the Avenger and Valkyrie which I have owned one of each,
AvengerValk : Avenger Valkyrie Support
Fiberfab_CMC : Fiberfab/Classic Motor Carriges Cars
I am a big fan of the early kit cars and even have my own group,
GrassRootsKitCars : Grass Roots Kit Cars
The Avenger you posted was horrible even for the too common hacked built Kit car ,
You can find a way better grass roots kit car for that amount or less,
Start looking on craigslist and they made Avengers by the zillion,
I paid 500.00 for a great Kellison body then 1500.00 for a running driving Mid engineering chassis,
I sold some of the stuff I didnt need to offset the costs,