Fiero with longitudinal Audi V8

ok i decided i did not like the look of the fastback that the kit body had so i grafted in the Fiero GT fast back and i chopped the top 3 inches i need
finish the rocker / ground effects and am thinking a chin spoiler this is a short video of it on a test run if you listen close you can hear it detonate do to had not tuned it yet


Randy V

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Nice work! It sounds like a real beast!
Best take care of that detonation soon... Many engines will not take even that much without damage / blown headgaskets...
You have come a long way since I last checked in. Like the body mods, the roof thing that's a ton of work and looks great.
On the side view shot - is there a rocker piece missing that will bring the middle body down to match the low height of the front and rear panels?

Good lookin car
Hi guys it has been awhile since i have been on the site and the car is up for winter and i had fun driving it this last summer and so far the 012 transmission has not been a problem with the 4.2 engine that has a M122 supercharger of a 2010 Shelby GT500 i am pushing 16.7 pounds of boost and i drive it like i stole it all the time . I still need to do the rocker and window plus interior and when i take it for a ride it draws all sorts of attention