Fire damaged GT40

I bought this fire damaged KVA here in the UK about 10 years ago. I thought it was a project I could handle but quickly realised it was far beyond what I was capable of undertaking so passed it on.
Does anyone know what became of it? was it ever rebuilt?
It was in a garage fire started by a cheap battery charger.


fire 2.jpg
fire 4.jpg
fire 3.jpg
fire 1.jpg
Yes......good point.
The chap had taken 10 years to build it.
The garage caught fire and it started to spread to his house. He and his wife were lucky to get out as they didn’t have a smoke/fire alarm and were still asleep when the Fire Service arrived!

Howard Jones

GT40s Supporter
One good thing to know is if you ever say "fire" to an insurance company then the car will be totaled. In the case here all the metal has been heated to a unknown temp and therefor any treatment has been changed. The fact that the F tires are not burnt up tells us something but in the end it might be cheaper to buy a new kit than clean this one up enough to evaluate it properly. It goes without saying that the fiberglass is all just dust and the rest is rusted to death. I think it would be dangerous to use most of those pieces and dishonest to sell it without showing the buyer the pictures. More than likely a complete write off. Too bad.